How valuable is business expertise and support?

How valuable is business expertise and support?

As Business owners and directors, we all have a variety of challenges facing us all on a daily or certainly weekly basis.

Some of these issues fit comfortably into our own sphere of business expertise and we usually know instantly how to deal with them.

In many cases however, we come across issues that may need another level of expertise and maybe our own experiences don’t provide the solutions that we seek.

It is at times like this when we would ideally turn to an instant network of advisers that we had to hand, to whom we could turn – and more importantly, trust, to discuss our business issues with, without fear of the discussion being repeated elsewhere.

One place where I have recently found a perfectly acceptable solution to this dilemma is The Business Exposure Group who hold regular invitation-only, round-table business discussions across the North of England.

The groups are made up by approximately a dozen business owners and directors from a range of different sectors who discuss selected issues around the table.

These discussions are chaired and strictly controlled by a very experienced and knowledgable lawyer and businessman who gets maximum value from the event for all participants.

It is, in effect, like having a group of experienced non-executive directors around your boardroom table who each have their own individual talents and experiences which they bring to the discussion.

The benefit of sitting at the table for any business, can be considerable and one guest commented that, from a business point of view, “It was the best three hours that he had spent in the last five years”.

Praise indeed for the Business Exposure Group and I can also add my opinion which is equally flattering: ” The high calibre of the participants and the incredible value of the discussion are equally matched by the potential business that you gain access to through the participants at the table”.

If anyone would like more information about how you may be able to attend one of these discussion groups in either Manchester, Sheffield, Wetherby or Leeds, please contact Philip Drazen via