myTsafe deal protects employees from ID Fraud

myTsafe deal protects employees from ID Fraud

Identity theft and ID Fraud is on the rise everywhere. CIFAS (Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System) have reported around 77,500 cases in 2007 and 113,250 cases in 2011. A rise of some 46% over those 4 years.

Sending employees on business without providing a suitable means of carrying information securely is nowadays, not acceptable.

Infineum UK Ltd, the UK arm of Infineum, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil and Shell, has recently extended it’s contract with secure data storage experts, myTsafe.

All Infineum employees who travel on business for the company are provided with an ultra-secure myTsafe online ‘cloud’ account to store copies of personal documents.

Infineum chose myTsafe for the ‘ultra-security’ of its ‘cloud’ based system. An external provider of the service was also essential so that there could not at any time be a potential conflict of interest as a result of holding employees personal information.

Travellers have to carry much information and losing a passport, insurance documents, key names
and addresses, medical information, credit card & bank details etc. can not only ruin a business (or personal) trip but also possibly result in ID theft and fraud.

So keeping original information in myTsafe, where possible, means not having to carry it and so completely avoiding the possibility of losing it. And for information that must be carried, such as a passport, having secure access to a copy
is invaluable.

Dr Martin Dare-Edwards, Country Manager and Director of Infineum UK Ltd, said: “We are pleased to continue using myTsafe for its proven security. It helps ensure that our employees are properly looked after when travelling on behalf of Infineum; something which we believe is of supreme importance in today’s world”.

Gulliver Immink, Managing Director of myTsafe, said “We’re delighted that Infineum has renewed their contract with myTsafe. It gives us great pleasure that they have continued to place their trust in us.”

For further info Contact myTsafe via: Tel: +44 (0) 845 659 0030