Business Group provides help to business owners

Business Group provides help to business owners

The highly successful Business Exposure Group (BXG), which runs business discussion forums across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, is now going online.
Founder Philip Drazen has also created a LinkedIn-style social network that is strictly for business owners and directors.

The forums themselves run every 5 weeks, and currently have over 120 strong members. They are attended exclusively by business owners who collectively have a turnover of some £300 million a year and employ over 2,000 staff.

The new website, is an extension of these round-table forums, and allows members to connect, share advice and work together on mutual projects.

What sets this site apart from the rest, is that user applications are vetted to make sure only trusted, legitimate business owners and directors are allowed to participate.

Philip Drazen promises the site to be for detailed discussion on all topics, a place to troubleshoot and mastermind, and sell and trade with other business owners in the online market place, as well as ensuring the site is accessible through mobiles and tablets.

The whole ethos of the BXG is to allow trusted business owners to connect over quality discussions about the obstacles of modern business, aiming to mutually generate advice and solutions. These “think tank” forums provide business owners with a unique opportunity to share insights, and include members from all backgrounds, ages and a diverse spread of industries.