Business blog: Is Your Content Relevant?

Business blog: Is Your Content Relevant?

The first thing you need to understand when you begin a business blog or write an article for your business, is to recognise the audience that you wish to communicate with.

Your database of contacts and customers may be made up of many types of business who all may be suitable to sell your products to. But they may need to be split into different sectors when it comes to getting them to respond to your message.

Most businesses that I talk with immediately start to think of ‘what they want to tell others’ as opposed to ‘what do others want to hear about?’

Different customers have different issues and you need to be specific when writing your articles so as to have the best chance of catching the attention and gaining a response from the ‘target’ audience.

We must first and foremost understand the issues that our readers or customers have on their minds and address these issues within the article or marketing message that you are writing.

It is always sensible to keep things simple and don’t try and turn the whole thing into a full-length novel! It must drive the customer to ask you for more information not drive him away with too much information.

I always say “The less you tell your prospect, the more he will need to ask” – and questions from the customer are always a good sign from a sales point of view. In fact, ask your customer what questions he might have as this will allow you to understand his needs.

Better to ask questions within your article and put that thought into the customer’s mind.

With blogs being an interactive medium, the ability to get readers and customers to respond to your articles is actually critical, especially from a search engine perspective.