Businesses facing Threats at Windows 2003 Deadline

Businesses facing Threats at Windows 2003 Deadline

With the added expense of upgrading, many UK businesses are choosing to continue using Windows Server 2003, despite Microsoft withdrawing support for the software on 14th of July 2015.  Security experts Delta Comtech are warning that this leaves computer systems open to attack but just how much of a risk are UK companies taking?

“You just need to look at the recent Sony hack to see how much damage a simple security flaw can do,” explains Carl Enser of IT experts Delta Comtech.  “Once Microsoft stop patching Windows Server 2003, that’s it: hackers will be able to keep finding cracks without any fear that their hacks will be discovered.”

This means that any flaw found in one location could be exploited elsewhere with impunity, leaving businesses wide open to a host of new threats.  Despite this, some UK businesses are looking at the cost of upgrading their servers and buying new licences and choosing to plough on with the 2003 edition…

In some cases, the age of the servers themselves make it tricky to run newer versions of the operating system.  In others, it’s the hassle of securing and migrating data that make upgrading seem like a headache that they can do without.

“Some businesses may think that they’re relatively safe from threats because the software is old and mature,” continues Carl.  “But there will always a hacker with an eye to attack a flaw.  Old, unprotected software is a flaw”.

According to IT experts Delta Comtech, many businesses choosing to skip an upgrade are small firms with limited budgets, although there are large firms still dragging their feet.

Carl added: “Saving money on upgrading is a false economy.  It just takes one attack to cause hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage to your business.  While there’s no doubt that upgrading a well-used server can be a hassle, there’s help available to guide you through the process.  We’re currently working with a number of businesses to secure their systems, moving some or all of their server-based data to the Cloud.”

Time is running out for businesses to make the change, with Microsoft warning that the 14th of July deadline is final.  If you need urgent help with your software, Delta Comtech are offering advice.

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