30% Blame Poor Management for Work Woes

30% Blame Poor Management for Work Woes

According to Investors In People (IIP), 30% of people who are thinking of ditching their job are doing so because they’re unhappy with their treatment by the management of their company.

In a recently published survey, feeling under-valued was given as a reason by nearly a third of all respondents.

“It’s a fairly damning statistic,” says Charlotte Gallagher of P3 People Management, one of the UK’s leading employment specialists.  “If your employees aren’t happy then they’ll be less motivated to do the best job and that’ll impact your company’s productivity.

More importantly, if they decide to move on, there’s the added expense of you having to find a replacement.”

These statistics, discovered as part of the IIP’s recent Jobs Exodus Survey, show that low management engagement continues to be a big hurdle for some businesses to overcome.  The biggest motivator in the survey was a lack of job satisfaction, with 48% of respondents saying that they’d feel more satisfied elsewhere.

The number of people reporting that they were unhappy in their work has risen by 10% in the last year, according to IIP, with 6 in 10 people are unhappy in their current jobs.

“Job satisfaction and engaging with employees clearly needs to be higher on some employer’s priorities,” continues Charlotte.  “We do a lot of work with companies who want to improve their relationships with their workers.  The scale of the problem is still surprising, if these numbers are right.”

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