How to get mobile-friendly to beat your competitors

How to get mobile-friendly to beat your competitors

How do we learn to adopt this new ‘mobile-friendly’ philosophy?

There are technical mobile-related things that some Web guys will know more about than maybe others.

As business owners, we therefore have to find the good guys out there. Getting the technical stuff right is really a matter of you first assessing and choosing the right people that you use to look after your ‘web stuff’.

You need to ensure that they are dealing with your website ‘individually’, and not treating it like every other website they work on. Things like responsive design may not be right for everyone and all your web content may not easily be transferred to the small screen in a mobile-friendly way.

The issue of safety and security are also paramount. In fact I consider them more critical than the mere design of a website and going for the cheapest website design or SEO is not, in my humble opinion, the way to success.

Heading up my team at M3 Media Publishing is a guy who is passionate about SEO – I know he is good and I do what HE tells me to do when it comes to SEO, because I consider he is the expert in his particular field.

He also understands the importance of secure fast hosting.

I allow him free reign to develop all our websites and we can then focus our attention and his creative talent on building my business via improved lead acquisition and conversion rates.

That also means we both stay happy!

What can we do to get ahead in the mobile era?

The next critical stage of web development will be ‘Mobile Apps’.

The one thing that Google will like even more than a mobile-friendly website, will be a mobile app.

My prediction is that “One day, all websites will be a version of a mobile App”

Some 10 years ago, I predicted that all websites would become blog platforms – and that is more or less the case now.

Why Apps will rule the world?

The reason Apps will be so powerful is that websites that deliver ‘valuable and relevant information’ direct to their recipient in super fast time, will be top dog when it comes to Google. and to be that fast, they will be created as an App.

Getting information and knowledge rapidly to your audience will be the key.

We will all have to stand out as individuals within our business sectors and have the requisite ‘background and experience’ that supports our claim to be an ‘expert’.

This is ideally the information which needs to be in front of your prospects before your product or services.

At M3 Media we are presently creating a lightning-fast ‘mobile profile App’ which will enable you to create TRUST with your prospects before you meet them.

Thus giving you the perfect ‘edge’ over your competition.

To learn how we can position you as a trusted expert within your sector, please contact me on 08450 519374

David Lomas