Saving Time – What is the Value to your workforce?

Saving Time – What is the Value to your workforce?

Today’s widely connected and highly technological landscape presents businesses with abundant opportunities to maximise employees’ productivity, but it also presents challenges.

Research commissioned by M3 Media Publishing found that saving time is important in the mindset of your workers. It showed that a typical UK employee loses over 35 hours per annum, just as a result of IT system downtime. That is almost 5 days per worker and the financial implication of this lost time is calculated as £10bn+ each year.

Survey findings released by Samsung in April 2015 reveal that distractions such as office gossip, frequent email checking, tea breaks and personal social media use left respondents feeling they only work constructively for 3.6 days in every 5.

“With all of that research in mind, the last thing that employees, employers and HR departments need is for added time to be lost while a key member of staff’s car is being serviced or repaired”, says Alan Locke of the AYCEN Group, who operate a network of garages across Greater Manchester.

Garages in the AYCEN network aim to keep their customers at their places of work, meetings and appointments, by providing courtesy cars and a free collection and delivery ‘ferry’ service to maximise business continuity and productivity.

“People will sometimes take a day off work, to manage the repair of their vehicle.  Even if they spent a few hours waiting in our reception area, that could mean them losing several hundred pounds in productivity”, Alan continues, emphasising their “minimum fuss, maximum convenience” philosophy.

Distractions will always occur, but by wisely identifying and utilising HR-sensitive suppliers and service providers, businesses large and small can ensure that their employees are able to make the best use of their time.

This in turn will have a positive impact on profitability and perhaps a reduction in stress in the workplace.