Lawyers: Trust Is Key For IT Compliance 

Lawyers: Trust Is Key For IT Compliance 

In their 2013 Risk Outlook report, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) highlighted the risks to law firms of IT Compliance,and the issue if their data security was not compliant.
In their Spring 2015 update, the message remained consistent.

They reported that 69% of UK companies had a cyber security incident in 2014, compared with 59 percent globally”.

Business Aspects Magazine spoke with Carl Enser, from Delta Comtech who explains “Specialising in the legal sector, we understand the need to ensure IT Compliance and that there aren’t any risks to their high levels of compliance.

Our understanding is especially important when focusing on keeping Solicitors’ clients affairs confidential and secure” commented Carl.

“Numerous law firms place their trust in us to protect their data, continues Carl. “That means making sure that whatever IT systems are in place are resistant to cybercrime and, that in the event of a server failure or data degradation, robust backup systems and procedures are in place”.

CarlEnserheadshotThe implications for law firms and their clients are serious. As a result of their confidential data falling into the wrong hands, or being lost, clients might well suffer financial, reputational or other damage.

For a law firm, loss or theft of data could destabilise its’ operation and damage its’ reputation irrevocably.

“Security and compliance around electronic data storage are key elements in maintaining a strong, reliable legal practice that has the trust of its clients. The SRA is clear that in employing third party IT providers, law firms have a duty of compliance” concludes Carl.

Getting the right kind of IT support and systems in place, with a reliable IT provider like Delta Comtech, presents the opportunity to both minimise risk and increase efficiency.

Carl Enser can be contacted at Delta Comtech on 01625 443110

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