Lawyers: Are your heads in the Cloud?

Lawyers: Are your heads in the Cloud?

Cloud technology or cloud computing is real ‘enabling’ technology that allows for more agility and flexibility in the workplace.

It no longer matters what machine or device the user is working from. The workplace no longer needs to be a fixed location. This brings with it opportunities and challenges for lawyers and their firms.

Carl Enser of Delta Comtech explains, “A particular opportunity is that of time-saving and as firms bill by the hour this is crucial. With cloud technology the provider manages IT systems remotely and this ensures operational continuity and maintenance that does not eat into a law firm’s business time.”

The challenges come with maintaining control of the security of data once remote access is available. Law firms should have an agreement in place with their IT provider.  This safeguards the firm’s right to retrieve its data and that the provider can guarantee continuity and portability of this data in the event of any difficulty.

“It is vital that the cloud-based host can guarantee business continuity,” Carl continues, “and that the provider’s servers are in escrow.  This guarantees that, if for any reason the host runs into financial problems, the law firm can still access its information.”

He added: “Another issue is where the host will be storing the data. Lawyers should ensure that wherever their data is being stored it remains within the EU,” Carl concludes, “as this means that the firm’s rights to its data are covered by current EU legislation.”

Even with these challenges, the positives should not be overlooked.  The use of cloud systems can improve security as IT providers have substantial, professional experience in protecting data and the access to robust security and encryption otherwise not available directly to law firms.

If you haven’t got your head in The Cloud yet, maybe you should?

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