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Attracting Customers: Are They Feeling Your Emotion?

Attracting Customers: Are They Feeling Your Emotion?

A large number of business owners think that when attracting customers, they believe the customers take a rational approach towards buying their products and are merely analysing details such as features and financials.

In my opinion, this situation is not strictly correct. Although the majority of customers take these details into some account when making purchases, over fifty percent of decisions made tend to be driven by emotions.

It is crucial that as business owners, we aim to make an emotional connection between our customers and brand. All buyers are driven by emotions, even if they don’t realise it at the time – and these emotions have a far greater impact on behaviour than functional, technical or even financial factors.

Even unconscious emotional feelings can have a significant effect on your business. The way in which a customer feels about your company, brand and products is much more likely to impact buying decisions. Emotional connections are able to determine the strength of a relationship with a company, and are crucial to both attracting your customer audience as well as building a loyal customer base.

What is an emotional connection?

In my opinion, an emotional connection occurs when a customer feels that they are engaged in a personal way. Today’s customers expect to be positively, emotionally and memorably connected with the companies that they engage with; they want to relate to the brands they choose to associate with.

In many cases this engagement is made through celebrities or personalities within or linked to the brand. Critically, it is the ‘people’ that makes the difference to a brand.

We have seen TV chefs linked to supermarket groups for instance. The shared values are important to the supermarket but it is the personality, attitude and persona of the chef that customers actually relate to and follow.

Customers tend to be loyal due to the fact that they become emotionally attached.

This could be something quite simple like a comment from a personality or a gesture from a member of staff.

Personally, I tend to return to companies that I feel some kind of emotional attachment to, whether this be a good experience with a product I’ve previously bought, or a particularly good experience of them giving me customer service.

David Lomas
CEO, M3 Media Publishing