Change Management: What is Your Strategy for Success?

Change Management: What is Your Strategy for Success?

Effective change management is critical for any organisation. You can’t avoid change, but you can work together to mitigate any problems before they snowball and damage your business productivity.

“Navigating change is never a simple process”, says Charlotte Gallagher from P3 People Management. “However, with the right attitude and a 100% commitment to see things through to the end, change can be a positive step for the organisation”.

“There are several steps an employer or management team need to take as part of a successful change management process, but the first step above all others is to talk to employees. It is important that you explain what is happening and why”.

Change is ‘The New Normal’

Good communication skills are essential”, continues Charlotte. “If you are able to demonstrate in a clear fashion what needs to be done, your employees will trust in your leadership. Explain the whys and wherefores, and help them to understand why things need to change”.

Plan Ahead

“Change management requires careful planning”, Charlotte explains. “It will take time to make the necessary changes, so you need to have an effective strategy for bridging the gap from the old reality to the new one. There are likely to be teething problems along the way, but if you keep the lines of communication open and solicit the input of everyone involved in the process, problems can be minimised”.

“Never wait until the last minute to implement major changes within an organisation. Last minute planning is a recipe for disaster, and if you are not careful, you will end up dealing with a rebellion in the ranks”.

Share your vision for the future and provide plenty of opportunity for feedback”, concludes Charlotte. “If you give your employees a voice, they are more likely to buy into changes”.

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