How Can Bankers Take Control of Their Careers?

How Can Bankers Take Control of Their Careers?

Barclays Bank announced 19,000 job cuts in 2015. There will be many more within the sector.  Much of this is the expected fallout from the whole “bad bank” culture, post-crash. So, what should bankers do next?

“Enforced change can be made to seem less traumatic with a shift in perspective,” explains Martin Byrne of Business Protect. “This isn’t some glib solution.  There’s real power in taking control of a situation you previously had no control over”.

Experienced ex-bankers have established skills and a deep, hard earned knowledge of the financial sector.  Contrary to popular belief, many of them want to stay active and give something back to the economy by using the skills and knowledge they’ve gained.

Martin explains, “These are often individuals who have been really committed to their work only to lose it. Taking a self-employed route can actually be empowering for them, because they can go from feeling undervalued to setting their own standards”.

Byrne’s company, Business Protect, specialises in insurance cover for businesses. Their service is rooted in share protection, key person insurance, relevant life insurance and related areas concentrated in this field.

“We work to a model whereby our representatives are free to set their own limits, while retaining our support. We are happy working with people who have experienced a more corporate setting and are now looking to find ways of keeping motivated while retaining a higher degree of personal responsibility and freedom”, Martin continues.

“It’s a way of putting your banking experience to good use”, concludes Martin. “So many people see self-employment as a risk but I’ve always viewed it as a tremendous opportunity. You can set your boundaries and re-calibrate your work-life balance to suit your lifestyle”.

Business to business related work might actually feel like something of a calling to long-term financial professionals. This is not something that can easily be satisfied by pottering around the garden. Companies like Business Protect offer an opportunity for change without ignoring the kind of experience that is hard to put a value on.


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