Content – How Can Stories Connect Us?

Content – How Can Stories Connect Us?

The importance of content is constantly being reiterated when it comes to marketing. And online, content is highly competitive.

When it comes to modern marketing, M3 Media Publishing CEO, David Lomas, believes in the power of content.  But it’s a competitive playing field and, to get people’s attention in a noisy world, such content has to stand out and speak to people.

David expanded on this in his presentation to invited business leaders and entrepreneurs at the recent M3 Connections Event, jointly hosted with Royal Bank of Scotland (Future Williams & Glyn) in Manchester city centre.

Talking about ‘The Value of a Click’, David has this to say about how businesses should communicate via online content,  “It is the story behind the click that draws people in. People look for people, they don’t look for businesses”.

Storytelling is one of the oldest human activities and it remains a potent way of communicating ideas and values to people, especially in the modern era.  As Sir Richard Branson put it recently;


“Storytelling is as old as the campfire and as young as the tweet”


Andrew Thorp, award-winning speaker, coach and consultant, endorses this.  “One of the key challenges when adopting a content-led approach is to find something to share that will grab people’s attention,” he remarks. “Stories are powerful way of promoting a brand.”

Andrew helps businesses communicate their message in a more engaging and compelling way, and recommends storytelling as a way to connect more effectively with your audience.

“The temptation is always to look for a conventional case study”, explains Andrew.  “This often results in a really dry, emotionless example that will only appeal to the rational brain. Human beings base their buying decisions on more emotive factors such as trust and likeability”.

This is why storytelling is so important. If a business has tales from the frontline about how its staff interact with people, how it has helped solve their problems and address their needs, these ‘mini-stories’ can form the basis for powerful, compelling content.

“As leaders and marketers we should treasure such incidents, and place them in our library of stories, ready to be brought out into the open as valuable, shareable content”, continues Andrew.  “Modern digital platforms provide a way to connect faster and wider but you need the human story”.

Andrew endorses David Lomas’ championing of storytelling, at the M3 Connections Events, and his insightful sharing of how it can work for businesses.

“David Lomas always attracts quality businesses and people to the Connections Events”, concludes Andrew.  “I believe people come away feeling enlightened, inspired and motivated.  RBS (Future Williams & Glyn) are also to be congratulated for supporting such an initiative”.

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The RBS and M3-hosted Connections Events are suitable for directors and business owners in the North West.  With attendance being by invitation only, thought-provoking ideas and lively discussions compliment the connections being made.

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