Estate Planning Solutions take a STEP towards Business Excellence

Estate Planning Solutions take a STEP towards Business Excellence

If you have galvanised yourself into action by the fear of not having your affairs in order, how do you go about choosing an estate planning expert to guide you? Let’s be clear, the sort of decisions you make around providing for your dependents, are some of the biggest you’ll face.

STEP is the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.  They are a professional body dedicated to promoting standards of excellence within estate planning. STEP’s mission is one of continuous professional improvement for its members, ensuring that they help families plan their assets across generations.

Achieving an advanced STEP qualification is the equivalent of a PhD in the world of estate planning and it is something rightfully to be proud of. As a recent recipient of just such a qualification, Paul Dodsworth appreciates this. Paul is the Managing Director of Estate Planning Solutions, based in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

“STEP qualifications are hard-won through diligence, a demonstration of professional dedication, and a consistent application of skills and experience“, explains Paul. “Estate planning is going to take on an increasing significance as the population ages, people’s property assets continue to grow exponentially in value and family structures become more complicated”.

Inheritance Tax is already a hot media topic, but there are plenty of other issues around estate planning, such as establishing a Lasting Power of Attorney, and Will writing, that people often fail to address”, continues Paul.

Paul concludes, “This is why STEP has such an important part to play in ensuring its members achieve and maintain a strong professional level of competency“.

As a full STEP member, Paul Dodsworth is completely dedicated to his work and his company’s business because he understands the importance of it when it comes to safeguarding your family’s future.

Estate planners with the letters TEP after their names have reached a summit of expertise and are well-positioned to look after your family’s assets.  They ensure that your wealth goes where you want it to, rather than simply topping up the government’s coffers through Inheritance Tax or being lost to future relationships or long-term care fees.

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