How Can Space and Service Help Businesses Grow?

How Can Space and Service Help Businesses Grow?

Businesses face challenges, particularly smaller or medium-sized enterprises in a competitive, volatile climate. It is crucial that they can adapt quickly and re-focus where necessary. With price points in flux and having to fight their corner, business agility is a vital quality. Much of this will come from organisational intelligence and self-awareness. But besides knowledge-management, it is also important that businesses have the right environment in which to operate effectively.

Johnny Mhar of The Via Group has a clear understanding of this need. “There’s been a phenomenal growth of SMEs, and their demands for both space and flexibility aren’t being met by the conventional leasing market”, he observes. “Businesses often require a stepping-stone approach to growth, which is how we can help”.

As part of The Via Group, Via Offices provides business office space in key central Manchester locations. “Currently we have two business centres where we offer fully managed office space on short-term licences”, Johnny explains. “This is about more than space though.  It is our mission to enable local businesses to thrive by providing the right kind of support”.

The Benfits to Businesses

“Businesses can really benefit from the short-term licencing model because it gives them the opportunity to set up in a key location with minimum overheads. Monthly payments, inclusive of business support services, makes budgeting easy. In addition, a well maintained interior and exterior base enhances a business’ professional image”, continues Johnny.

Location is another important factor, providing an initial quality base to the client but with the in-built flexibility of not having a long-term commitment.

“We help our clients control risk, with easy entry and exit and a scalability factor depending on how their business is operating”, Johnny says.  “We can also offer point-to-point telecommunications as an option, to help with a smooth transition into a new space”.

This merging of space and service is a real benefit to businesses when making decisions around location, image, cost and commitment. And the right office space can increase a company’s ability to expand while helping to motivate
its employees.

“It’s about so much more than property” Johnny concludes. “It’s about offering a level of service that can really boost businesses.”


If you are considering your options for business growth, with a Manchester city centre presence, please call Via Offices on 0161 669 4670 or visit for more information.