RBS Connections Event Makes The Headlines

RBS Connections Event Makes The Headlines

Over 50 business leaders and entrepreneurs attended RBS (Future Williams and Glyn’s) recent Connections Event. The event was held at their offices in Spinningfields, Central Manchester, with partner host M3 Media Publishing. This invitation-only gathering gave attendees the opportunity to hear M3’s CEO, David Lomas, talk about how vital great headlines can be in attracting customers.

David spoke about how to engage an audience’s attention by drawing them in using intrigue. Interesting headlines, he explained, were the key to engaging with people. He then stressed the importance of following this up with powerful content to keep their attention.


“We’re marketing for responsive people.  Giving them something to think about, not simply telling them the facts”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


Andrew Thorp, of , is an expert in business storytelling.  He followed David’s talk with one of his own, about the power of strong storytelling to influence business. Andrew stressed how properly put-together stories can grab an audience’s attention, engage them and make them feel strongly about the subject being talked about.


“We understand the world through stories.  They are hardwired into us”

Andrew Thorp, MojoLife


The complementary talks were followed by a dynamic workshop where attendees recounted and discussed business stories of their own and came up with powerful headlines for them.

RBS Relationship Director, Steve Taylor sees these kinds of events as being crucial for connecting directors and business leaders throughout Manchester and the North West.

“People coming here can really see the value in what’s being discussed, in a mutually-supportive environment”, Steve says. “David Lomas and Andrew Thorp have provided us with some great, inspirational ideas tonight. Our organisation is really proud to be involved in this”.


If you are director or business leader based (or looking for a base) in Manchester or the NorthWest and would like to make quality connections at a future event, please call M3 Media Publishing on 08450 519374.

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