A Lightbulb Moment: How Energy Efficiency Builds Business

A Lightbulb Moment: How Energy Efficiency Builds Business

The Department of Energy & Climate Change has been promoting energy efficiency in buildings in an effort to encourage businesses and organisations to cut energy costs. If this seems a little lofty, businesses might instead stop to consider the local changes they could be initiating to make a real difference to their overheads. Something as simple as lighting could be the key.


The Business Benefits of Energy Saving

The CBI concluded in a 2013 report that better energy management was a key way for businesses to cut costs. Not only this, but, in the words of the report:


Plenty of businesses are approaching energy efficiency as a business growth opportunity, seeking to increase their competitiveness, grow their customer base and capitalise on new markets, both at home and abroad”


Energy saving is not just about reducing bills, but rather it can be part of a strategic business approach.

Kevin Goodhew of endorses this view. “Reducing overheads is a key factor in improving competitiveness”, he points out. “Businesses should think beyond turnover and look at how they can improve their infrastructure”.


Lighting the Way to Energy Efficiency

Lighting can be too easily taken for granted.  And ignored.  In fact, it is an area where businesses can achieve significant efficiencies. “Energy efficient lighting is about responsiveness and capacity”, Kevin says. “If, for example, you’re lighting an entire warehouse continually with sodium lighting, you’re spending a lot of money on wasted energy”.

Kevin explains that the use of advanced LED lighting and motion-sensors can have an enormous positive impact on energy consumption in large warehouse and factory spaces.

“We’re talking about a phenomenal carbon reduction”, Kevin comments. “With the right kind of LEDs it’s a case of fit and forget because they’re so efficient in cutting out maintenance costs”.

The key to a strategic approach to lighting is not to rely on savings from cheaper hardware and bulbs. Instead, it is about a considered investment in energy-efficient systems that require minimal maintenance and replacement, so instead yield a greater long-term saving.

Businesses should take lighting seriously”, Kevin concludes. “The kinds of savings to be made are serious amounts of money; money which can then be channelled elsewhere to help businesses grow and prosper”.


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