How Can Storytelling Benefit Your Business?

How Can Storytelling Benefit Your Business?

Sharing means many different things in business terms: for example, it can mean the sharing of content through storytelling and marketing activity; but it can also be about sharing experiences with others, to everyone’s mutual benefit.


Enabling Shared Business Experiences

Robert Taylor, Relationship Director at Royal Bank of Scotland (Future Williams & Glyn) is the co-host of a popular, invitation-only, Connections Event with M3 Media Publishing. He observes how this adds value to his clients and other business leaders and entrepreneurs who attend.

“Building relationships is about building trust, and sharing experiences and stories helps to do this,” Robert says.  “Most businesses are problem-solvers, helping those who encounter obstacles. These events are an opportunity to put these issues out there and connect with others”

David Lomas, CEO of M3 Media Publishing gave an informative talk on targeting and attracting audiences through strong content, followed by a workshop for everyone attending.


“David Lomas’ approach is enormously encouraging because it is all about how businesses can engage with their target audiences.  At the same time, the event provides them with the opportunity to engage with one another.”

Robert Taylor, RBS (Future Williams & Glyn)


Inspirational Storytelling

Various attendees at the event shared stories of their own with the group. One of Robert’s customers, Henry Spence, MD of Selectequip, in Lichfield, talked about finding a specific manufacturing solution as a supplier to the rail industry.

In this instance, the solution, a durable, lightweight glass reinforced plastic (GRP) platform for culverts on rail property, has had a far-reaching influence in terms of money saved and health and safety practices.

“We were delighted with Henry’s success,” Robert states, “because in a sense it’s also our success.  It is a perfect illustration of how supporting business can really pay off and have a lasting legacy.”

Other stories came from another of Robert’s customers, Martin Deignan from, Cheshire-based, ACS Construction Group. He talked about groundbreaking software solutions for construction businesses. 

Finally, invoicing and credit collection specialist, Rachael Chiverton, talked compellingly about rescuing clients from the very real worries of not being able to get paid on time.

“All these stories really resonate because they are inherently interesting and inspiring for others,” Robert concludes.  “They follow a classic arc of problem, obstacle and solution. The value in connecting with others is how it enables us all to form strong, and useful, business relationships based on an understanding of what each of us brings as a unique quality.”

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