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Gateley’s M3 Media Connections highlight the Value of Trust

Gateley’s M3 Media Connections highlight the Value of Trust

We live in an age of pull marketing, where the key is to attract customers while enabling them to feel they have a greater sense of control. This requires well thought-out strategies, but also it requires one other crucial element: TRUST. Legal firm Gateley Plc recently hosted an M3 Connections event in central Manchester where trust was very much the common thread, and where attracting prospects through pull marketing was the main topic of discussion.

Building Relationships on Trust

Richard Cowan, Senior Associate at Gateley Plc, sees the importance of trust in his work all the time. “We manage transactions where there are regularly a number of pressures to complete and draw down funds to tight timescales.   For example, on real estate financings, there will be multiple contractors on often large projects. Timing is key because any slippage can cost money and disruption where the ripple effect is seen quickly”.

Richard recognises that trust and building strong business relationships underpins the success of the deals he works on.  Co-hosting the M3 Connections event has given Gateley Plc the opportunity to bring local business leaders and entrepreneurs together to connect and build relationships of their own.


“We know that the dynamics of good business are based on people being able to connect meaningfully with one another, whether as potential referrers or clients.  ”

Richard Cowan, Gateley Plc


“We pride ourselves on our professionalism and technical expertise but in essence it is about getting on with people.  Our clients trust us and find us approachable, and we are commercial and always willing to go the extra mile to help them”, Richard continues.

The Rules of Attraction

At the event, co-host David Lomas, of M3 Media Publishing, lead a group discussion on why and how businesses should be looking to attract their ideal prospects. The focus was on content and storytelling and how these work in terms of pull marketing. Again, trust was highlighted as the pivot for the success of this approach.

A discussion followed, where attendees were encouraged to share stories of their own. Eileen Vizard of, award-winning, EnergyAce, explained how her company had worked hard to gain the trust of a client’s Financial Director through demonstrating the impressive savings of her energy-saving equipment.

Nick Davis, Director of Grange Products, recounted his business’ success in manufacturing engineering products to a major client and exceeding the client’s expectations in the process.

“Both these stories were really about trust”, Richard remarks, “and both involved manufacturing. I think they demonstrate that the dynamism really exists in this sector, built on very real relationships that businesses have with their customers”.

“Our Connection Events are about bringing people together”, David Lomas concludes. “Allowing them to share inspirational stories in a context where they can see how relationships – and trust – have a real, practical part to play in how they market themselves”.


If you are director or business leader based in and around Greater Manchester and would like to make quality connections at a future Connections Event, please call M3 Media Publishing on 08450 519374.

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