Public Speaking and the Power of Presence

Public Speaking and the Power of Presence

Many people are now familiar with the Sapling Foundation’s TED Talks, available to a worldwide audience online. What TED events have helped to reinforce is the power of public speaking and how it can cut right through the clutter and connect directly with an audience.

There is a great deal of value in being able to personalise a brand and communicate its values direct to customers. The success of this depends on the core strength of the message itself, but also on the presence of the speaker. In a way it is the ultimate test of audience engagement.


The Strategy Behind Public Speaking

Networking is popular as a business activity, but it has certain disadvantages. Working the room requires stamina and making good connections is very dependent on the general tone of the networking event itself.

Speaking to an audience, however, gives the speaker a clear platform and an opportunity to get a message across.

M3 Media Publishing’s CEO, David Lomas, frequently speaks to groups of business leaders at M3’s invitation-only Connections Events. He speaks about understanding the power of content and storytelling for their companies and how they can be used to attracts generate business.

David has also spoken on the use of content with social media to an international audience of hi-profile businesses in Madrid and around the UK.


“It’s about giving your audience something of value.  The same rules apply with other content – you must always create something that is of interest to your audience or which addresses their needs and concerns”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


The M3 approach is to integrate public speaking and workshops into a wider strategy of customer engagement, creating a powerful symbiotic relationship between digital and physical activity.


Setting an Example

“Public speaking does not simply have to be about conveying an idea or a message.  It can also be a form of facilitating, whereby those present in the audience receive encouragement and support in their own efforts to make business connections”, continues David.

“The M3 Connections events that we have hosted in partnership with  and are designed to provide added value to all who attend,” David explains. “I’m trying to convey the benefits of good audience engagement, and to demonstrate how the means and the content of the message can be effectively communicated.”

The end result is that David Lomas, as a public speaker, provides a focal point, but the key ingredient is the audience, and how it both responds and interacts.

“That’s the power of connections, and how it’s people that make business work,” David concluded.