Can Language Learning Fix the UK’s Skills Deficit?

Can Language Learning Fix the UK’s Skills Deficit?

An annual CBI survey reveals that an increasing number of UK employers are worried that they will be unable to recruit enough highly skilled employees. In its 2016 report, the CBI records that 69% of the 500 employers surveyed were concerned about this issue, up from the previous year’s 55%.

The UK job market is changing, with more firms looking to recruit for high-skill jobs, and with the demand for lower skilled jobs on the wane.

However, the survey also reveals that the most important skills for employers are to do with attitudes and aptitudes rather than simply what people know. So how can employers have confidence in accessing a wider labour market, to find the skills that fit?


Language Barriers

One clear obstacle to recruiters casting a wider net for potential employees is English language ability. If overseas or newly arrived applicants are looking for employment then they have to be fluent English speakers.

“For applicants to improve their opportunities, good English language skills are essential,” explains Artemis Aghvami, founder of Your English Lounge. “A sound command of business English can utterly transform a person’s prospects.”

A look at the UK Government-approved Shortage Occupation List, reveals, among others, skilled jobs in the electricity, construction, engineering and civil nuclear industries.

“Employers want the right person for the job, regardless of background,” Artemis points out, “but a glance at this list strongly suggests that the vacancies listed will only be suitable to overseas applicants if they are able to clearly communicate in fluent English. These are responsible roles requiring the right kind of aptitude in English communication.”


Action on Language Learning

Both individuals and employers can access professional language teaching resources.

“Whether it’s those people who have been recruited but now need to bring their English level up, or who are looking to work in an English language environment, professional, business English teaching can equip them with the necessary language skills,” Artemis states.


“UK businesses need to be able to confidently fill the roles they require to meet the demands of growth.  If they invest in English language learning, they are more able to find the right people with the right skills

Artemis Aghvami, Your English Lounge


English language teaching is a valuable resource for employers.  They can sponsor employees or fresh recruits, in order to ensure their language skills will aid them in successfully fulfilling the roles to which they have been appointed.

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