M3 Event Highlights the FACETS of Social Media

M3 Event Highlights the FACETS of Social Media

How can businesses use content and social media to help them find prospects? David Lomas of M3 Media Publishing answered this important question in front of specially-invited business leaders and entrepreneurs, at their recent Connections Event.

David’s talk focused on his FACETS process and how it was a valuable prospect-generating tool for companies.


“Despite being everywhere, content and social media still has the ability to confound people.  M3’s aim is to explain to businesses how they can actively use it as a positive means of gaining new prospects

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


The Value of Content

“It’s about helping people realise the true value of great content, and how they can harness it to serve very specific business goals,” David stated.

Held in Central Manchester, the invitation-only event was co-hosted by Royal Bank of Scotland.

“We’re always really happy to co-host these events with M3 Media Publishing,” commented , Relationship Director at Royal Bank of Scotland.

“Firstly, they provide valuable insights into how businesses and their people can better themselves,” continues Robert.  Secondly, they are a great opportunity for our customers and the guests to strategically connect with one another, exchange views, stories and advice and do business.”

Rob went on to explain how he had benefitted from David’s knowledge.


“I have applied M3’s FACETS approach and have built up a solid prospect list off the back of it”

Robert Taylor, Royal Bank of Scotland


The Value of Storytelling

David’s talk was followed by a lively workshop session.  Guests were invited to share stories about they had helped their customers and the impact and legacy that it had on those businesses.

“Stories are the foundations of good content,” David remarked. “This is why we encourage our guests to take a closer look at their business activities and experiences through storytelling and, in some cases, publish them in our magazines.”


If you

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