Social Media: What Makes You a Busy Fool?

Social Media: What Makes You a Busy Fool?

Busy fool syndrome is not restricted to management tasks.  It can just as easily bleed out into marketing activity.  And this is particularly true when it comes to social media marketing. The ‘busy fool’ works hard, often has a skewed work-life balance, and doesn’t seem to get anywhere. In terms of social media activity, businesses often mistake quantity for quality, and keep themselves busy by pushing out content through a variety of channels, with little to show for it.


Failure to Engage

“Many businesses seem to have an uneasy relationship with social media,” Jowita Penkala of Uniqua Brand points out. “It feels very much like an add-on, something to be dealt with, only when there is the time to do so.  But it also lingers as a constant reminder that, really, it deserves serious attention, like some sort of moral conscience.”

Frequently this results in the ‘busy fool’ response.  To satisfy the perceived demands of social media, and to be seen to be addressing them, businesses resort to pushing out content without proper consideration.

“For social media to work effectively, it needs to be approached strategically,” Jowita continues. “Simply pushing it out through a variety of channels is not in itself effective.”

Jowita expands on how she sees social media as integral to business development, and how this should drive a business’ strategy. “Using social media is about engagement, and how businesses want to communicate with their customers and prospects,” she says. “This engagement must come from a developed strategy regarding future plans and business objectives.”


The Reality Gap

Many businesses have future aspirations that are unrealistic when set against their existing activity, and this includes social media marketing.

“Typically a company might say it wants to increase traffic to its website by 50 per cent,” Jowita observes.  “But an actual analysis of the current metrics reveals much smaller increases, or worse, flatlining figures.”

Much of this is down to how a potential audience is perceived when seen through the distorting prism of social media expectation.


“Most businesses are not getting the results they seek because they’re not looking objectively at what they do with social media.  Thier activity should be conducted according to sound, strategic principles to maximise results”

Jowita Penkala, Uniqua Brand


“Social media strategy has to be based in reality, in real objectives,” Jowita concludes. “This means looking at what the best channels are that suit a particular business’s objectives, and the channels that will allow it to best engage with its audience.”

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