How Can Marketing Miscommunication Ruin Your Sales?

How Can Marketing Miscommunication Ruin Your Sales?

Just because you can measure something, does not make it useful. Lots of businesses view digital marketing and the internet as an undefined mass. Many businesses do not know how many website visitors they are getting.  For those that do, unless they have a clear idea of who these visitors are, the numbers add up to little.

“Digital marketing activity can involve a lot of wasted effort,” comments Tim Langley of web traffic tracking and identification specialists, CANDDi.  “This is because it is not making the right connections, due to a lack of visibility about at whom it should be targeted. Simply put, it is not leading to conversions and qualified prospects.”

“You can, however, bridge this disconnect between marketing and actual sales by having a better understanding of who your online visitors actually are,” Tim explains.


Boosting the Boutique

“You want to be able to define your audience,”  continues Tim, “at a level where you have them segmented in such a way that your messages will hit home.”

This boutique approach to digital marketing involves clever technology that can deliver the right level of detail about website visitors.


“Your website might be your best marketing tool but your worst sales rep, if it doesn’t actively engage with your specific target audience”

Tim Langley, CANDDi


Technology should be helping businesses build stronger relationships, in two ways.  Internally, to improve the cohesion between the marketing and sales teams.  Externally, by giving businesses the right intelligence, to enable them to shorten their sales cycles. These are dependent on businesses being able to follow their marketing processes to their logical conclusions.


The Full Story

“People want to be educated and informed when they visit a website, but this is only part of the story,” Tim points out. “After the initial attraction, you have to have engagement, otherwise the customer journey is curtailed too early on.”

“The engagement comes from an understanding of your audience, which comes from having the right kind of specialist data to hand to help you define them and turn them into qualified prospects,” explains Tim.

“The final part of the story comes with the conversion from prospect into customer,” Tim continues.  “This is more achievable if you can accurately picture, earlier on in the process, the profile of your visitors.”

“The mistakes in digital marketing often arise from miscommunication: not putting your right messages in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right way,” concludes Tim.


“It’s vital that you identify and target the people that matter.  In this way you can properly align your marketing activity with your sales. Then your story has a happy ending”

Tim Langley, CANDDi


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