Business Awards: Why Are They Not Just About Ego?

Business Awards: Why Are They Not Just About Ego?

Business awards are not simply about being awarded a glittering prize and feeling warm inside as a result. They need to be seen, externally, as a reputation-enhancing device, and a powerful, third-Party recommendation. They are another useful marketing arm, as a means of raising awareness and attracting interest.


Reputation Enhancing

“Don’t just think of an award as a pat on the back,” advises Mubarak Chati of 1 Events Media, hosts of the annual E3 Business Awards. “It can be an enormous help when it comes to establishing your reputation.”

Status is a powerful thing, but it only works by being conferred upon you, as something you have earned.


“It’s too easy to make bold statements about being a leading company in your field with nothing to back them up.  Winning a recognised business award is a way of endorsing your status

Mubarak Chati, 1 Events Media


An enhanced reputation helps raise your profile, which then leads to greater opportunities for networking, and therefore growth.


Marketing Success

“An award is a great vehicle for promoting your business,” Mubarak states. “You can launch various PR and marketing initiatives on the back of it.”

With the right award comes a degree of free publicity.  These include stories in the local press and other media outlets, expanding awareness of your business with a reach that can improve on your normal advertising channels.

Awards can improve a business’s status within its industry sector, with recognition for concepts or environmental practices, or performance.

“Success is contagious,” Mubarak says, “and an award can be a springboard to greater achievement.”


Improving Recruitment

Winning a business award can have a positive impact on status at different levels, such as the hiring and retention of staff.

“You may be more likely to be able to recruit, and keep, a better standard of employee to suit your growing business needs if you have an award to back you up,” Mubarak suggests.

This is another element to the enhanced competitiveness that being a winner can create; allowing firms to improve the calibre of the recruits they attract.


“Don’t underestimate the morale-boosting qualities an award can bestow.  Knowing they’re part of, and have contributed to, an award-winning company can help with employees’ overall job satisfaction and performance”

Mubarak Chati, 1 Events Media


Being perceived as a leader in your field is good for the ego, but this is a small part of a much bigger picture, where business awards are good for business in very practical terms.

1 Events Media host the upcoming E3 Business Awards between 6pm and midnight on Thursday 13 July, at Macron Stadium, Bolton.  To find out more, or to book your place please call them on 01254 790 786 or visit