Directors’ Event Turns Content into Compelling Stories

Directors’ Event Turns Content into Compelling Stories

At M3 Media Publishing’s recent directors’ event, their CEO, David Lomas, talked to a specially-invited audience of over 50 business owners and leaders about content and storytelling.  The Business Connections event, was jointly hosted with Royal Bank of Scotland, at their offices in Spinningfields, central Manchester.


Finding the Right Audience

David’s talk centred on how to use content to not only find customers, but to also pre-qualify them.


“For many businesses, the challenge is to be able to connect with targeted prospects who will be receptive to what they can offer.  Content can be a powerful tool to achieve this.”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


David is a keen advocate of pull-marketing, where content attracts an audience rather than selling to it. And he stressed that the most powerful content of all is third-party.

“If you can be talked about, rather than doing the talking, this sets up your areas of influence”, suggests David.

“By using intelligent content, you can attract your target prospects, and by monitoring what they are reading about when they click on your content, you can find out very useful information about what their concerns are.”

David’s methods are designed to make connecting with customers easier, by allowing them to find out more about you before you make contact.

“Once you know that they’re interested in specific things you’ve already published, you can initiate a conversation that gets to the heart of the matter – what it is they need and what you can do for them,” David stated.

He went on to outline M3 Media Publishing’s unique, strategic approach to using content, under the acronym of FACETS.


What Makes Content Compelling?

David explained how telling the right kind of stories about your business can work as a potent means of attracting interest.  “Don’t focus your story on the nuts and bolts but on the pain and the legacy, once you had resolved the issue.  What were the long-lasting benefits?”

David’s talk led to a dynamic workshop session, where attendees recounted their own stories, based on David’s model.


“The practical aspects of the Business Connections events gives them a crucial added value.  It means that our customers and guests can gain valuable insights into how to apply sound marketing decisions for their own businesses

Robert Taylor, Relationship Director, Royal Bank of Scotland


If you are a director and would like to attend a future event, please call M3 Media Publishing on 0161 922 8571 or visit