Original Content: How Can it Generate Business?

Original Content: How Can it Generate Business?

People are out there looking. They are browsing online, and they are looking for original content that answers specific questions. They want to see who is addressing certain issues that concern them.

When businesses create an online presence they are competing for the attention of potential customers and prospects. They want an audience, but what will make people look, and what can help businesses attract them?

The answer is original content.


Who Rates Original Content?

There are around 56 million blog posts published each month on WordPress alone. This is an indication of the kind of competition content faces in attracting readers.

“There has to be something that helps to elevate content, to make it stand out,” explains David Lomas, of M3 Media Publishing. “Making it sound interesting is critical. Google’s Panda algorithm measures how valuable it is on the basis of its quality and uniqueness.”


“It is not enough to fill content with keywords to improve its standing on Google.  It has to be considered of value. The quality and uniqueness of it comes from how original it is”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


For content to be original it has to bring a fresh outlook to its subject matter.


What Makes Content Original?

“For the majority of businesses publishing online content, having something truly ground-breaking and utterly new to say is likely to prove difficult,” continues David. “But it does not have to mean these things.”

“Instead, it is about taking a different perspective on something, coming up with an alternative way of describing, analysing or commenting on a topic or issue.”

There is a potentially huge audience out there. There are 3 billion internet users worldwide. Original content can help sift through this audience and target specific interests and issues, and in doing so, attract readers.


“If content accurately reflects its target audience, it will focus on issues they are already interested in

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


“Original content shapes its raw materials to fit the requirements of its audience.  Not in a way that is predictable or bland, but by questioning and probing and taking an empathic approach.”


What Does Empathy Have to do With it?

People like an authentic voice.  Someone who talks to them in a way that indicates they are being understood.

“Empathy is a powerful tool in creating original content and building an online audience,” concludes David. “Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.


When shaping original content, empathy should feature prominently because it can make it really resonate with its target audience.”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


“Bringing in new business is about making connections,” concludes David. “Original, quality content is a vital, proven means of connecting with potential customers

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