Royal Bank of Scotland Connects the Local Business Community

Royal Bank of Scotland Connects the Local Business Community

Although networking, itself, has value, there can be much more by making meaningful business connections.  This is the reasoning behind the popular Business Connections events, held in Manchester city centre, co-hosted by Royal Bank of Scotland and M3 Media Publishing.

“The idea is to add value to our attendees by giving them a clear focus during the event,” explains Robert Taylor, Relationship Director at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).


Who is Using Content?

The most recent event, held at RBS’s Spinningfields offices, was attended by over 50 specially invited business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs. M3 Media Publishing’s CEO, David Lomas, gave a lively talk followed by a workshop, centred on how to use content effectively.

“The event works to bring key business figures together, and give them a common discussion point,” Anthony McGreevy, Senior Relationship Manager observes. “This is an effective way of sparking debate and getting people to exchange ideas and knowledge.”

David talked about the importance of using content to attract prospective customers, and structuring content in such a way that it tells compelling stories to draw people in.


“Some business people aren’t shy about talking, but David shines a light on how to shape this natural urge to communicate in ways that will resonate with an audience”

Robert Taylor, Royal Bank of Scotland


“David’s approach is all about using content strategically, online and through social media,” explains Rob, “and the workshop, following his talk, encouraged attendees to look at how they might generate their own content.”

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Manusha Heesom also attended the event, in her role as Senior Relationship Manager. She explains how hosting it fits in with RBS’s ethos of offering support to local businesses.


“You develop relationships with people based on trust, and, as David has explained, you can build trust using content and, in our supportive role, we understand the importance of trust”

Manusha Heesom, Royal Bank of Scotland


The Impact of Legacy

One of the key messages of David’s talk, reinforced by the workshop, was how content should highlight the legacy of people’s actions.


“Don’t settle for blowing your own trumpet.  Instead, look for ways of neatly capturing the essence of how your business helps people and the lasting impact it has had on them as  it’s the legacy that resonates and that shapes perceptions of you”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


By encouraging attendees at the Connections event to tell stories of their own, from this perspective, David underlines the value of content and marketing it to bring in new business.

“As a joint host of these events, I learn something new every time,” Rob Taylor observes, “and this makes me think that our guests are also benefiting.”


If our events help local businesses grow, and enables them to build new, mutually supportive relationships with their peers, then we’re doing what we set out to do”

Robert Taylor, Royal Bank of Scotland


To discover how Royal Bank of Scotland can support your business and develop connections, please call Robert Taylor on 07824 820827 or engage with him via Linkedin.