Does Visual Merchandising Increase the Urge to Buy?

Does Visual Merchandising Increase the Urge to Buy?

Visual merchandising must tap into human emotions to be successful. While people do shop to make what they consider necessary purchases, they may also make decisions based on their current state of mind.

“When shopping involves a mood-changing experience, this prompts people to buy,” observes Paul Feather of Vista Digital.

“What people see plays a big part in the experience they have when shopping,” suggests Paul.  “Visual displays work on their emotions while stimulating their interest, essentially preparing them, psychologically and emotionally, to buy.”


Maximising the Mural

Visual merchandising involves diverse techniques, and covers a range of retail, interests, fashion, food, and even auction houses, as Paul explains.

“We recently installed a mural for Sotheby’s, enhancing their visual environment to accompany an auction,” explains Paul.

Covering the entire wall of the main stairwell leading down to the main auction room, Vista Digital’s mural was a reproduction of one of the prominent pieces of art up for sale.


“Sotheby’s wanted to create a sense of anticipation and excitement around the auction, and to mark the occasion with something memorable.  The finished product had to match the perceived quality of its surroundings, otherwise it would risk being counter-productive”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


A Onepiece mural of a high definition reproduction fulfilled Sotheby’s brief, ensuring that the display looked the part while having considerable visual impact.


Emotion and Interest

“People want to feel good when they’re shopping,” says Paul. “because it’s more than a means to an end.  It’s an experience.”

This means understanding the target market, and how best to appeal to your audience visually.

“In the case of Sotheby’s, the art was always going to be the main driver, so what we were doing was maximising its effect,” Paul states.


“Visual merchandising must stimulate the customer’s interest and spark something in their imagination. Mediocrity will never make people buy, and helping them see themselves, in what they are looking at, also helps”

Paul Feather, Vista Digital


In the case of products, this is often about displaying them in ‘as if ‘ scenarios that the consumer can identify with. However, it can also mean creating a suitable mood that will encourage people to buy.

Vista Digital’s removable, Onepiece mural was exactly the solution that Simon Morris, Sotheby’s Senior Designer and Visual Merchandising Manager was looking for to create something cutting edge and visually stimulating that would also fit in with the historical heft of the auction house’s London premises.

“In this context, a full wall mural isn’t a passive thing but a mood enhancer that helps transform an environment and charge it with excitement,” Paul concludes.


If, like Sotheby’s, you would like to transform your environment with a Onepiece mural, please call Vista Digital on 01772 863711 or visit