IoD North West Event is a Sizzling Success

IoD North West Event is a Sizzling Success

At its Summer BBQ, the Institute of Directors (IoD North West) took the opportunity to reiterate the importance of the north west as a thriving part of the country, and a great place to work.

The IoD North West’s Regional Director, Claire Ebrey, spoke to the event’s guests, sending out a positive message for the future of business in the region.

Sponsored by Together, the barbeque event had a strong marketing flavour, with David Lomas of M3 Media Publishing and Jonathan Guy of Aqueous Digital, speaking at the event.  Both talked about the importance of content and storytelling, and how it was changing the ways in which businesses could market themselves.

Audience participation came in the form of a storytelling exercise following the marketing talks.


Stability in Uncertain Times

Claire Ebrey talked about Brexit and the economic uncertainties ahead, but emphasised the dynamic and positive role the IoD was playing in encouraging and supporting business growth and leadership.

“The IoD strives to make our country’s leaders, in enterprise, the public sector and non-profits, the very best leaders that they can be”, said Claire.


The IoD recognise that, with the best leadership, sustainable business can be a positive force in our communities and society, creating quality jobs, improving opportunities, and making our regions and nations better places to live and work”

Claire Ebrey, IoD North West


Claire continues, “Across the North West, we are are building a strong community of business leaders, who understand economic and business challenges, have access to quality personal and professional development, can offer peer support at that senior level, and can influence local, regional or national policy that affects our businesses”


“Our events are vital for encouraging more businesses to communicate with one another, learn from each other, and for directors to strengthen their knowledge and experience about leadership, entrepreneurship and growth”

Claire Ebrey, IoD North West


Claire carried over this learning theme when introducing David Lomas and Jonathan Guy, and explained how they could help to educate business leaders how to use stories as a powerful marketing tool.


Mutual Support

“Being provided with a platform to communicate is always very welcome.  From my conversations with Claire and her team, it is clear that the IoD and M3 Media Publishing have much to offer one another,” reflected David.


“Where Claire’s goal is to encourage sustainability and growth, we can offer support and insight into how content and communication plays a key part in its success”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


“We are looking forward to working closely with IoD North West, to help them, their members, and businesses thrive in the UK,” David concluded.

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