How Can Business Boost Your Quality of Life?

How Can Business Boost Your Quality of Life?

Work-life balance continues to be a growing issue for both employees and employers.  And there is increasing onus on businesses to demonstrate a real sense of social value when it comes to improving the quality of life of the people who work for them.

Employers need to find ways of incentivising their staff, while offering them something tangible so that they retain crucial talent,” suggests Greg Searle MBE, Chief Innovation Officer for Keys Business Concierge.

At the same time, as Greg points out, employees are more value-driven than in previous generations, and salary remuneration is not always enough to attract or keep them.

“For increasing numbers of employers, how they improve their employees’ quality of life is key to attracting, rewarding and retaining them, while also increasing their productivity.”


Personalised, Proactive Rewards

People are comfortable with the concept of convenience, but they access it most frequently through a keypad or a mouse click.

While this means a democratisation of convenience and service, it also makes it very ordinary – and it still involves people having to do the work themselves to get the service.

A business concierge service, on the other hand, offers something unique: personalised, proactive service, tailored to the individual needs, and answering both business and personal requirements.


“There are some misconceptions surrounding concierge services, that they are somehow exclusively elitist and reserved for an executive class of person only”

Greg Searle MBE, Keys Business Concierge


In fact, what a business concierge offers is structured to be scalable. It can work for a wide range of people. And because of its very personalised nature, it appears fresh, and distinctive, and genuinely horizon-expanding.


Rewarding and Enabling

For many people, the work-life balance cuts both ways: they want a certain quality of life outside work, but they also crave distraction-free time to achieve peak performance.

“A concierge service combines enablement with convenience, and packages them together as a reward with long-term benefits,” explains Greg.


“Quality of life is not separate from business but rather integral to it.  A business concierge service improves this quality, and improves business, from many perspectives, simultaneously”

Greg Searle MBE, Keys Business Concierge


“For the recipient, they enhance their sense of autonomy, because having someone on hand to plan, book appointments and generally look after their day-to-day commitments, allows them to more easily decide what they need to focus on,” suggests Greg.

“At the same time, this is a reward and it can help nurture a real sense of belonging. Not only this, but the benefits are long-standing, serving as daily reminders.”

Finally, it both rewards and encourages competence,” concludes Greg, “freeing up productivity, while giving credit for a job well done.”

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