Concierge Service: Is Time More Valuable Than Money?

Concierge Service: Is Time More Valuable Than Money?

There’s never enough time. We all lead busy lives and, to an extent, technology has made us more time-poor, rather than less.  Look at it this way: what happens when you find yourself at home with your family but still answering work emails on your mobile phone?

Or, what if managing your own time feels as busy as managing your work time, when even booking things like a meal out feels like one more pressure you’ve got to deal with?

Recent research reveals that UK employees waste the equivalent of around 400 million days a year on what they perceive as unnecessary workplace tasks. These can be anything from dealing with huge volumes of emails and admin, to attending meetings that go on too long.

“People will work various hours for their pay, but alongside this, they must manage their time effectively, both inside and outside work,” observes Greg Searle MBE, Chief Innovation Officer for Keys Business Concierge.


“There is the risk of bringing stress home, and at the same time missing out on life by not having enough time to enjoy it fully”

Greg Searle MBE, Keys Business Concierge


Greg points out that a vital benefit of a business concierge service is how it helps people manage their time better.

“Give people their time back and you reward them with something meaningful and lasting,” states Greg.


Turn Time Into a Reward

Time is at the heart of a dedicated business concierge service, helping people by freeing up their time, both at work and in their own, personal lives.

For the employee, this is something that both rewards and enables. It can address a wide range of tasks, helping with both work and leisure arrangements – from booking business and holiday trips to meals out and entertainment.

“The emphasis is on making this sense of privilege more of a universal benefit,” Greg explains.


“A business concierge service is not simply about the luxury lifestyles of an elite, but helping regular, dedicated employees manage their lives better”

Greg Searle MBE, Keys Business Concierge


For the employer, the concierge services is a means of showing how much they appreciate their staff, while also helping improve efficiency and productivity.

HSE reports that 12.5 million days were lost in 2016/17 due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety.


“Giving people their time back is more than a perk, or a reward. It may actually be essential

Greg Searle MBE, Keys Business Concierge


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