Content: How Does it Improve Your Customer Corridor?

Content: How Does it Improve Your Customer Corridor?

Effective content marketing can make it easier for your prospects to find you, essentially providing a pathway for them to travel along to get to you.

This was the theme of a recent Business Connections event, held at Royal Bank of Scotland in Central Manchester.

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing’s founder and CEO, gave a dynamic talk to an invited audience of business leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers on the subject of the importance of content and “how to create your customer corridor.


What is the Customer Corridor?

“Customer corridor is my description of the route that you must create for propects to lead them to your door – virtual or otherwise,” David explains. “The analogy is specific, because I think it helps to picture the process, to imagine it as a physical reality.”


“In the process of reaching you, it is crucial that your prospects should be able to find out more about you along the way”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


David explains: “Imagine you’re at the end of the corridor, and as your prospect comes along it towards you they pass various signs and images that build up a picture of you – a reputation even”.

“They might glance into an open doorway and see how well-organised your business looks; or they might see a series of awards and achievements on the wall; or a framed news clipping about you.”

What David and M3 Media Publishing do for their clients is to create these customer corridors through engaging, strategically created, published and distributed content.


Not Selling, But Influencing

Creating your customer corridor is about influencing your audience through attracting, engaging and finally connecting with prospects.

“In marketing terms, it’s a gentle, subtle process, perhaps surprisingly so for people new to it,” remarks David.  “However, we’re in a digital environment where consumers choose where they want to go, what websites to visit.

“The competition is fierce and the choice is vast,” warns David. “Therefore, you must develop different strategies to differentiate yourself.”

Successful content marketing creates an environment that prepares the ground for conversion. By bringing your targeted audience down your customer corridor you can help to pre-qualify them as prospects.

“Imagine if your prospective customer already knows about you, and what you can do for them, before meeting you,” suggests David.


Imagine that your content has a prospect along your ‘corridor’ and sparked their interest, to the extent that they are now fully receptive to how you can help them”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


The Value of Storytelling

In a lively atmosphere, David also encouraged the attendees to share stories about their work, and the legacy of people they have helped.

“Storytelling, rather than selling, is the key to effective content along the customer corridor,” David concludes. “Everyone remembers a good legacy story, if told correctly, and this approach is really effective when it comes to making content work for you.”

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