Social Selling Event Boosts North West Businesses

Social Selling Event Boosts North West Businesses

Businesses must change to grow.  But at the same time, growth changes businesses. This evolution means that what might have worked once may not continue to work in the same way.

“The formula for your success will change just as your business changes,” advises Daniel Halenko, social entrepreneur and advocate for purposeful leadership in business.


“As an entrepreneur, you cannot, and must not, assume the strategy that got you success today will get you success at the next level”

Daniel Halenko


Daniel arranged for Roger Hamilton, world renowned speaker and author, to visit the North West for the first time in 10 years. Roger is the founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and Wealth Dynamics, used by over two million entrepreneurs globally.


Roger Hamilton social selling

Roger Hamilton

At the Mercure, Blackburn, Roger lead a dynamic Entrepreneur Fast Track workshop.

“Roger demonstrated how to increase your business growth ten-fold through his unique Impact Meter analysis,” says Daniel.  “This told you the level you’re currently at, and the steps you must take to progress further.”


The Power of the Extra Zero

“If you orchestrate business growth on ten-scale then you will see marked changes, both in how your business runs, and what it demands of you,” Daniel points out. “Adding an extra zero marks a big leap forward each time you do it.”


Daniel Halenko

Daniel Halenko

“This difference in order of magnitude is crucial when it comes to marketing activity and the receptiveness of your audience,” Daniel explains.

“You will increase the quantity of your feedback with 100 customers, compared to 10, but not necessarily the quality.”


“The more your business grows on a ten-scale, the more you must put into your marketing to generate more business, and to consolidate the customer-base you already have”

Daniel Halenko


“The metric of 10 is an ultimately rewarding measure,” Daniel enthuses, “providing your marketing meets its demands, and evolves accordingly.


Social Selling

Marketing is multi-dimensional and it’s always evolving,” says Daniel.  “We’ve gone from push-marketing to pull-marketing, as the digital landscape keeps changing. The next stage is social selling.”

Social selling is about building relationships and establishing trust,” Daniel explains. “Not simply relying on word of mouth, but actively nurturing it as an effective marketing tool.”

Almost a quarter of all online activity is social networking, reaching 75% of internet users. Therefore, entrepreneurs must engage with their target audiences online, for effective brand building and business development.

“Credibility is what counts, and this comes from putting the effort in, but doing it in a smart, strategic way,” suggest Daniel.  “People’s trust in traditional selling has plummeted, and they are simply becoming numb to conventional advertising.”


“The emphasis of social selling must be on building trust with audiences through educating and explaining. This is how to engage them and connect with them”

Daniel Halenko


“Creating this depth in your relationships is as important as the deals you close, because it is what will help ensure your recurring revenue, and help you to keep scaling your business upwards.”

It is these kinds of ideas that Roger Hamilton explored at the event.


A Boost for the North West

“Securing Roger Hamilton to deliver brand new, inspirational content for an audience in the North West felt personally important,” Daniel explains.


“I want to help differentiate this region, and Lancashire in particular, from just being part of some generic idea of The North”

Daniel Halenko


“I want to give it something back,” Daniel concludes, “and Roger Hamilton’s cutting edge workshop fitted the bill nicely.”



To discover more about Roger Hamilton and his Entrepreneur Fast Track, below: