The St James’s Club Answers Manchester’s Marketing Challenges

The St James’s Club Answers Manchester’s Marketing Challenges

The St James’s Club Manchester, was the venue for M3 Media Publishing’s latest Marketing Challenge workshop.

In the club’s welcoming surroundings, M3 Media Publishing’s CEO, David Lomas, gave a lively talk on marketing strategy, content and storytelling to an audience of business owners, influencers, professionals and entrepreneurs.

“Stories are vital to brand development and making yourself memorable, to attract, engage and connect with your prospects and customers,” states David.

To illustrate this, David encouraged the events attendees to develop and share stories of their own in a dynamic workshop session that rounded off the event.

“The challenge was to harness storytelling to engage with your prospects, contacts and customers,” David says.


M3’s Strategic FACETS Revealed

“Developing a strategy is crucial to effective marketing and how content is a vital component in making it work,” David explains.


“Shape your content to attract your target audience, and provide them with something of value”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


David talked about his own approach to marketing, which goes under the acronym, FACETS.

“A key means of communication is through the use of storytelling,” suggests David.  “Our workshop challenged guests to think about stories of their own, to help raise their profiles and engage with prospects and customers.”


“Storytelling is not about the nuts and bolts of what you do, but the positive legacy your activities left for your customers in addressing their pain points”

David Lomas, M3 Media Publishing


“This is what effective storytelling is about in content marketing.”


The Perfect Storytelling Venue

Established in 1825, The St James’s Club Manchester is the perfect space for professionals looking for a place to meet, relax and get together.

With its central location at the meeting point of King Street and Spring Gardens, the club offers private function rooms for its members, and for organisations and individuals.

“The St James’s Club Manchester is perfect for M3’s Marketing Challenge events”, David praises.  “It combines a central location with a comfortable atmosphere that works to help our guests relax and get fully involved in what we’re doing.”

Rowan Stone, Marketing Consultant for The St James’s Club, added, “M3 Media Publishing’s marketing events dovetail with our club’s status as a vital location for Manchester’s business people and professionals, and for providing good value for the guests.”


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