How Accountable are your Business Goals?

How Accountable are your Business Goals?

It is not enough to dream big, or to demonstrate a huge capacity for drive and commitment. You must also hold yourself accountable for what you intend compared to what you then achieve.

“Accountability is a useful tool when it comes to achievement, because it makes you responsible for what you say you’re going to do,” Hywel Griffiths of APD Resolutions point out.

Here, Hywel explains how being accountable is an essential part of the goal-setting process.


Failure to Launch

“How do you ensure your business goals evolve, that they become reality? The difficulty lies in self-management. How do you hold yourself to account?”

Being your own boss has its disadvantages that sit alongside its benefits, and one of these is not having a system of accountability in place.

“In a situation where you work for others, you are going to be accountable for your actions, and for meeting your own goals as they feed into the business’s wider objectives. When you’re in charge of your own destiny, it’s harder to set these controls in place.”

Implementing business goals successfully requires a strategic, systematic approach. However, inconsistencies can arise.


“Implementing your plans involves execution and measurement, but also fine-tuning of the details as you go along. However, it is in this refinement that you can lead yourself astray”

Hywel Griffiths, APD Resolutions


“Alternative methods may seem tempting when you’re fine-tuning, but they may be inconsistent with the overriding business plan.”

“Accountability is therefore vital for keeping plans on-track.”


Making Yourself Accountable

Do you have someone, or a group of people, in your circle of influence to become your accountability partner?

“You must be systematic. When you create your goal-setting document, it should be something you will share regularly with this person, or group.”

“The accountability partner is there to confide in, to get help from should you need it.”

There are key benefits to accountability, which include:

  • helping you measure your progress and your success
  • keeping you engaged and responsible;
  • validating what you are doing.


“Being accountable can accelerate your performance. Connecting with the right accountability partner, such as a business coach, mentor or advisor, means having someone there to help you get the strategic details of your business plan right while staying the course.”

“The critical thing is not to feel lonely or isolated, and accountability need not be a complex, drawn-out process,” Hywel concludes, “but it is important to become personally accountable for what you want to achieve.”

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