Business Continuity: Is Agility an Affordable Option?

Business Continuity: Is Agility an Affordable Option?

While a business continuity incident is a risk itself, there is also the risk that some businesses see the whole issue of business continuity as too challenging to truly get to grips with.

“A surprising number of businesses have no business continuity plan,” observes Lee Wrall of Everything Tech. “Previous research has suggested that smaller businesses are less prepared than larger ones, but even large companies are neglecting this crucial issue.”


Reasons for Neglect

What are the reasons a business not having a business continuity plan?

  1. It might be that they simply think it will never happen to them
  2. They are aware of the need for one but do not have the time or resources to put one together

“The first reason is pretty much inexcusable, because any business is vulnerable to cyber attack or some sort of systems failure resulting in data loss,” says Lee.

“The second is only understandable if you aren’t aware of the current business continuity solutions on offer.”


“Even if an organisation or business does not feel it is a potential cyber attack victim, the fact remains that the leading cause of data loss is human error. After that it’s hardware error”

Lee Wrall, Everything Tech


“Not having a business continuity plan in place is gambling with your business, and with the technology to implement one now much more affordable, really there should be no excuse.”


Affordable Business Continuity

If many businesses, especially SMEs, are reluctant to implement a business continuity plan because of a perceived upfront capital expenditure, what is the answer for them?


“The cost of moving data to cloud-based, third-party servers is much less than businesses imagine, and there are further savings then on space, power and management resources”

Lee Wrall, Everything Tech


Cloud based backup combines security with flexibility, while dramatically boosting the resilience of an IT network. Disaster recovery is no longer prohibitively expensive. In fact, the only barrier is time, and having the resources to invest in it.

“Outsourcing your business continuity is one clear solution,” suggests Lee.  “A fully managed service takes the burden of worry away from the business, while offering a comprehensively managed solution.”


A Shift in Culture?

Lee suggests that the main barrier to more businesses adopting robust business continuity solutions is cultural.

“There’s a lingering notion that looking after disaster recovery is somehow a luxury rather than a necessity. The first thing we need to do is educate businesses that this is not the case, and that they cannot afford to ignore this issue, especially now that the solutions are affordable.”

It then becomes a question of trust: finding an outsourced business continuity provider who will take care of everything, with flexible systems that offer secure, scalable solutions.

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