Why Should You Visualise Your Company Goals?

Why Should You Visualise Your Company Goals?

Can you make your dreams come true? For many, there is a considerable gap between where they are and where they want to be.

For a business to become more successful, there needs to be a sense that this gap is bridgeable, that you can achieve your objectives.

Sound business planning and strategy must be the art of the possible, and practical. However, at its earliest stages, company goals can seem very distant.

How then, to make the impossible seem possible, to shape objectives into something which can translate into practical action?

“It’s about making a positive start and giving some form to your ideas,” explains Hywel Griffiths of APD Resolutions. “Goal-setting must begin somewhere, and a dream board is the ideal platform on which to begin to build your ideas.”


The Power to Visualise

Visualisation is a mental technique. The dream board is a simple but highly effective tool to help you visualise your image of the future.”

The simplicity of this device should not detract from its usefulness. This is because, by representing your company goals with pictures and images, you can strengthen your emotions and give them a practical outlet.


“Your emotions are energy, and this energy responds to visual stimulation. By creating a dream board, you’re sparking your emotions and prompting yourself to idealise your ideal life”

Hywel Griffiths, APD Resolutions


Furthermore, ensuring your dream board is always visible can then help to motivate you every day.


Goal Setting Using a Dream Board

“Look for pictures that capture the feelings, experiences and things that you want to attract into your life,” explains Hywel.

“Place these on a board. It can be a notice board, a pin board or something similar. Don’t limit yourself. Be creative. Include anything you find inspirational.” suggest Hywel.   “The purpose of a dream board is to bring your goals to life.”


“Think first about what your goals are in key areas such as, career, finances and personal growth, then use visualisation to allow you to expand on what these goals are ”

Hywel Griffiths, APD Resolutions


“Once you set things in motion, you’ll be surprised at the momentum you can achieve as the ideas start to come.”

“Remember, you’re focusing on how you want to feel.”


The Law of Attraction

Creative visualisation helps you attract the things you focus on into your life. This ability is the law of attraction.

This is where thoughts eventually turn into things. It is about unlocking potential.

It may sound, at first, vague and unrealistic, but in fact it is grounded in reality. Essentially, it is the idea that what you give out to the world will return to you in the end.

The blank canvas represents possibility, and you are in control of creating the finished picture,” Hywel says.  “The idea of the law of attraction is that like attracts like. Therefore, by visualising your company goals, and acting on them, you attract others to you, who will help make these things a reality.”

“You must begin with the intention, to attract certain things into your life,” concludes Hywel.  “The dream board is the means to visualise this.”

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