Can PMI Shift its Business Reputation With Mission Winnow?

Can PMI Shift its Business Reputation With Mission Winnow?

PMI (Philip Morris International) is known as a leading tobacco company, and tobacco causes a number of serious diseases and increases the risk of early death.

From a reputational viewpoint, this is an issue.

But what if a company as established as PMI can transform the course of its business for social purpose and address the impact of smoking on health?

There is plenty of talk about the need for businesses to be more agile in the 21st century, to be able to turn on a pin if situations change, and to proactively seek new ways to generate profits.

For a company as established as PMI, is this the ultimate test of agility?


Investing in Change

The company behind the world’s biggest brand of cigarette has invested some 4.5 billion dollars in research and development and shifted its focus to science and technology.

In its pursuit for excellence in innovation, PMI has been leading a campaign to raise global awareness of its passion and determination to constantly improve and evolve through Mission Winnow.

“Mission Winnow encapsulates our dedication to strive for better in everything we do,” states Miroslaw Zielinski, PMI’s President of Science & Innovation.

To winnow is to systematically remove something unwanted or undesirable.

Focusing on the future, PMI is repositioning itself and its business and taking a bold initiative. It wants to transform an entire industry, going beyond its own branded products, to create a smoke-free future.


“The key is investing in ideas, in using the power of science, innovation and technology to leverage change and transform not just PMI, but the lives of our customers, to benefit society as a whole”

Miroslaw Zielinski, PMI


Spreading the News through Partnership

How to promote innovation and to raise awareness of Mission Winnow?

PMI has long been a partner in Formula 1 and MotoGP, and so, logically, it has looked at how these channels can help it cement Mission Winnow firmly in people’s minds.

In Formula 1, it launched Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow in 2018, and now is doing the same with its established association with the Ducati Corse racing team for MotoGP.

“Mission Winnow highlights the passion and commitment of both individuals and organisations in pursuing constant progress.”


“The Ducati Corse team embodies the spirit of Mission Winnow, with its own drive to develop, innovate and create new designs and new technology for better motorbikes.  For PMI, this is the perfect match”

Miroslaw Zielinski, PMI


Together, MotoGP and Formula 1 reach global audiences of around 400 million. As an awareness-raising vehicle, Mission Winnow Ducati is surely on course for long-term success.


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