Paul Lawton Reveals Increased CSR Value to Charities

Paul Lawton Reveals Increased CSR Value to Charities

As an operator of a live web chat service, Paul Lawton rarely has time for a break. Wallsend-based Paul founded Chat Heroes in 2015, and after a well-deserved break for the first time in three years, he’s now ready to hatch his next business plan.

“I have perfected the art of failure in business,” says Paul. A natural entrepreneur, he runs Chat Heroes with his wife, Allison, and their Newcastle-based agents, and says he has learned just about every business lesson possible in relation to supplying web chat.

The company has beaten all odds, working with human, UK-based customer service agents and a wide range of customers.

With clients such as the North East Chamber of Commerce to shout about, Paul is now ready for his next challenge – Rubicon-CSR.

Connecting UK charities with Chat

“Every well-established charity will have sponsors with a budget for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)” says Paul.

“Rubicon-CSR takes this one step further, turning a CSR budget into an ethical, self-funding system.”

“The principle is simple – businesses can fund live web chat services on charity websites, in exchange for ethical promotion”

Paul Lawton

“This is not sugar-coating advertising; it is providing a genuine benefit to charities with a subtle nod to the sponsor.”

For example, after chatting with an advisor on the charity website, customers may see a link to the sponsor in the chat box.

“Alternatively, there may be a logo or an offer,” continues Paul. “These businesses can apply UTM tracking to take stock of the traffic that comes from the charity website and the CSR orientated income to re-invest in their own CSR programme.”

Why do Charities Need Webchat?

“People like to use webchat – it’s quicker and easier than talking on the phone,” says Paul.

He cites a perfect example wherein one visitor donated £5,000 in 4 minutes by simply talking to a live chat agent.

“Call any charity in the country and there’s very little chance they’ll answer straight away. Our agents are available until 10pm, ready to respond instantly.”

91% of charities invite users to donate through their website, making live chat a crucial addition to any fundraiser with a digital presence through the charity’s own customer service team online”

Paul Lawton

Giving Something Back

“Even one lead provided ethically to the Charity CSR Sponsor from this system will far outweigh the cost of their CSR budget,” says Paul.

This is why his unique idea has so much potential for UK businesses.

Paul suggests using the leads generated from CSR to re-invest into further charitable projects. Along with a larger budget for PR for the CSR Sponsor’s own company.

“We are the world’s first webchat service for charities, unless they wish to pay, at nil cost. And for the CSR Sponsors, the system can soon become self-funded.”

The value of philanthropy cannot be underestimated for UK enterprise,” concludes Paul. “Rubicon-CSR will allow businesses to maximise their CSR potential, helping to contribute to good causes all around the country.”