Could Your Exit be Detrimental to Your Business Value?

Could Your Exit be Detrimental to Your Business Value?

Company owners pour their heart, soul and cash into the business they have created. But what happens when they leave?

Whether it is retirement or to pursue another venture, many businesses are over-reliant on key staff and their departure can affect a company’s future.

As companies look to appoint a successor, how do they ensure that the structure and functions of the business are in place to take it forward without them?

Business Aspects Magazine probes Christiane Hutchinson, CEO of Biramis Management Partners,  for answers.

Hands-on Management  Partnership

Advisers at Biramis adopt a hands-on approach to ensure a business is in good hands when an owner leaves, because it affects the value for both the exiting owner, and the remaining management team.

They employ a management partnership strategy to resource the wealth creation agenda for their clients.  

A team of their own experts will go into a business to see first-hand to ensure the capital value build and transition is going smoothly, as well as being on the ground ready to help with day-to-day tasks.

“We work with the owners and senior management on the value agenda and wealth creation to devise and disseminate plans to all layers of the business,” explains Christiane.

“This enables management to spend more time managing its teams and it also allows staff to rise through the ranks as possible successors.”

“During the partnership, Biramis integrate their skills as part of the management team, look after everyone in the company, consider performance at all levels of the business and ensure that everyone is working to the objectives of the business.”

Christiane Hutchinson, Biramis

They are also on hand to help deal with critical situations and conflicts that may arise during a value build period.

Business Must Go On

“Sometimes a company will be profitable on paper but when you look closely, they may be over-dependent on the owner, or key staff, clients or supplier.”

“This results in a reduction of true business value.”

“There are four key performance measures – volume, margin, cash and value.  We work with business owners to focus on all of the measures, concurrently, ensuring that there is scalability and profitability throughout”

Christiane Hutchinson, Biramis

“Our objective is to make businesses wealthy, profitable and scalable,“ concludes Christiane.  “This improves the chances of success for the owner, and the business and management team after the owner has left.”

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