Brunel Promotions Saves Corporate Gift Blunder for VE Day 2020

Brunel Promotions Saves Corporate Gift Blunder for VE Day 2020

Brunel Promotions, the Bristol-based maker of calendars and diaries, Christmas cards and notebooks, is warning companies to make sure that the calendars and diaries that they buy – or have bought – for 2020 have the right dates on. Especially if they are being bought as corporate gifts.

Mark Shipley, Operational Director at Brunel Promotions, explains, “Many people still don’t realise that the May Day Bank Holiday next year has moved from the 4th to the 8th May.”

“This is to mark 75 years since Victory in Europe Day – better known as VE Day, meaning that for only the second time ever, the Early May Bank Holiday will fall on a Friday not a Monday.”

Response to VE Day 2020 Change

The government announced the change back in June, but by then most calendars and diaries had been printed. 

Brunel Promotions took the proactive step of reprinting the month of May for its calendars. It then took apart and reinserted the correct page into the tens of thousands of calendars awaiting completion which it produces for business customers. 

“For calendars and diaries that could not be reprinted, Brunel produced a special VE Day bank holiday sticker set, made available to customers for their dated products”

Mark Shipley, Brunel Promotions

But while Brunel manufactures and prints the majority of its calendars in the UK and so could take this proactive step, many other calendar and diary suppliers did not take these actions.

Therefore, individuals and companies buying calendars and diaries now as gifts need to make sure that what they are purchasing has the correct date for the bank holiday.

Bank Holiday Awareness

Trade distributors also need to be aware that some of the products they are supplying may well have the wrong date for the Bank Holiday in order to let potential purchasers know.

At this time of year many companies buy – or will have bought – calendars and diaries, branded with their own company details and send them out as gifts to customers.

“The last thing that anybody wants is a beautiful branded product or corporate gift with incorrect information in it”

Mark Shipley, Brunel Promotions

We are advising companies to make sure before they buy, that the calendars and diaries they are looking at really do have the correct dates for the Bank Holiday,” Mark concludes. “Or that steps are taken to ensure customers are aware of the change. ”

Brunel Promotions has been producing calendars since 1870, originally under the name of ES&A Robinson, as well as a range of diaries, paper products, notepads and Christmas cards.

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