Is Your Business Sleepwalking Towards a Security Breach?

Is Your Business Sleepwalking Towards a Security Breach?

When it comes to business investments, security is perhaps one of the most overlooked needs of any company. Research from Hiscox shows that UK businesses spend £500,000 less per year than the global average on cyber security.

This isn’t the only area where we’re underachieving.

According to the British Security Industry Association, we are underspending on trained guards, resulting in danger to staff and customers.

“Whether you’re protecting your property, infrastructure, people or even reputation, an holistic approach will keep you safe,” says Nick Holden, Managing Director of NexusProtect.

“Every asset of a business is symbiotic with the another in a security sense. We need to protect our people, physical assets, keep our online systems safe and ultimately look after our people to operate safely.”

Investing in Infrastructure

Without a doubt, protecting IT systems is one of the biggest concerns for any UK business, large or small.

As part of the NexusProtect 360° approach, the team reviews security policies, processes, culture and identifies any vulnerabilities within a ‘Business Eco System’.

“Cyber security, alone, is open to so many threats, where staff could unknowingly expose client and company data, or even worse, disgruntled ex-employees may threaten your reputation”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

“We continually review each layer of our clients’ cyber security to ensure only authorised team members can access key information,” says Nick.

How Safe is Your Property?

Many business owners do not effectively understand the risk to their offices, production lines, warehousing or logistical operations. This is a particular concern whether it be manufacturing or education sectors.

Nick says, “For example with universities, there may be expensive equipment on-site or sensitive research intellectual property. We need to ensure the right security systems, policy, processes and culture are in place.”

“In manufacturing, warehouses and logistical operations are incredibly vulnerable to theft, fraud or losses through errors in production systems.”

“As part of our strategic review, we identify any points of entry for criminals, insider threats – including employee theft  / fraud or digital threats such as cyber-attacks.”

Reputational Damage Dangers

Studies show that reputational damage is directly correlative with financial losses.

NexusProtects’s 360° approach looks at all angles, from HR policies to social media, to protecting ex-employees from accessing locked files.

Similarly, data breaches such as Equifax have an almost irreversible effect on company reputations.

“You only have to look at the damage that the Equifax data breach had on the company – more than $160 million in losses,” explains Nick.

“Reputational damage should not be glossed over. We ensure that your teams have stringent compliance and assurance policies in place to keep staff and assets safe.”

Bring it Back to Your People

“People are your biggest risk, but they’re also your biggest asset,” says Nick.

“While the majority of security breaches are human error, all businesses need to focus on educating, and protecting their staff and clients”

Nick Holden, NexusProtect

“We take an holistic view across departments, from ensuring the right HR policies are in place to reduce stress, to keeping personal data safe through IT.”

“Work-related mental health issues are at an all-time high,” concludes Nick. “By looking out for staff, we in turn keep your business in safe hands.”

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