Harding Specialty Fibers Solves Local Community Storage Issues

Harding Specialty Fibers Solves Local Community Storage Issues

Globalisation may be the buzzword for many business. For Harding Specialty Fibers, it’s all about helping out in the local community.

Founded in 1949 as F Harding, the Leek-based yarns and fiber manufacturer and supplier has been handed down through the generations to today’s MD, Harry Harding.

“Our local customers are the cornerstone of the business, and we are keen to continue Harding Specialty Fibers’ legacy by putting local communities first,” explains Harry.

“We work across multiple sectors from aerospace to medical supplies and we are always looking for ways to give something back, which is how we arrived at our warehousing solution.”

A Solution for Communities

For many businesses, storage and warehousing are sticking points, particularly where revenue loss is concerned.

“Without efficient stock management, businesses can suffer at the hands of over-ordering, not meeting demand, or goods perishing and being lost.”

“With almost half of all stock mismanagement down to human error, our warehousing facility aims to put a stop to this revenue loss for local businesses”

Harry Harding, Harding Specialty Fibers

“While we appreciate that not all Leek businesses invest in an innovative stock management system, our warehousing solutions can offer this.”

The Opportunity for Growth

Small businesses have the best opportunity to grow with efficient warehouse management. Studies show that:

  • 70% of all storage sites in the UK are run by small operators
  • Just 26% of business managers see their potential for growth.

“We offer both long-term and short-term storage solutions,” says Harry. “In the short-term, our customers can benefit from replying to customer demand instantly. We’ll log the orders and get them shipped off immediately, securing a higher turnover of goods.”

“For longer-term storage, particularly high value items such as cable yarns, we also offer a highly effective security solution.”

End-User Benefits

While directly impacting local businesses, Harding Specialty Fibers’ storage solution will also benefit communities in many different ways.

“In particular, we specialise in medical supplies, helping to keep local surgeries and hospitals on top of their patient demand”

Harry Harding, Harding Specialty Fibers

Other B2C industries to which they cater include the automotive sector, while they also have a strong focus on sustainability.

“We understand the far-reaching benefits of a good storage system. Not only do our direct clients benefit, but the communities they serve,” concludes Harry.

To discover how your business can benefit from Harding Specialty Fibers’ warehousing facility please call 01260 253600 or visit hsfltd.co.uk.

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