BITA Reveals The Key to Good Business Engagement

BITA Reveals The Key to Good Business Engagement

Most businesses would probably agree that the personal touch is very important in communication with colleagues and partners, and is critical when dealing with customers and new prospects.

Nowadays, with us all reliant on technology, and in many cases very complacent about using it for our everyday communication, could we be missing that personal touch?

“We have become too complacent with technology,” explains Paul Whitnell, President of the British Irish Trade Alliance (BITA).

“In an email or text message, you do not get the tone or the passion of the person you are speaking to, not in the way you do when you are face to face,”

“With the ethos of BITA being ‘people who know people who help people‘ we believe that the personal approach is still vital in business.”

“As a caring and supportive organisation that wants its members to be successful, we want people to really engage and help each other.”

BITA Likes to Get Personal

BITA was set up in the aftermath of the 2008 global recession to help people relocating from Britain and Ireland adapt to cultural changes and grow their business.

It encourages its members to build relationships to generate business through networking and holding educational and social events in Britain and Ireland.

“We recently established a chapter in Manchester, and are looking to welcome new members to connect with people who can help. This is part of the caring nature of our organisation”

Paul Whitnell, BITA

The non-profit organisation boasts over 450 members who are encouraged to build relationships, through networking and holding educational and social events in the UK and Ireland, in order to generate business.

BITA has also established a presence in the US. Its board members are experienced business owners and professionals from a range of industries.

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Mike Crutchley is a journalist and newspaper editor with more than 20 years in the industry with local, regional and national media. He now runs the PR firm Mike Crutchley Media.