Rubicon-CSR Helps Charities Survive the Coronavirus

Rubicon-CSR Helps Charities Survive the Coronavirus

We are in the face of a pandemic, where people have to practise social distancing and self isolation

In the face of economic turmoil, it is harder than ever for charities to campaign for their cause and for people to make donations.

How can charities be supported, to ensure that their work, and the people they help, aren’t neglected in the wake of the Coronavirus?

“There are 168,000 charities across the UK that are trying to help people but now some of them can’t pay their own bills, their staff are working from home, they can’t interact with people, they can’t do events and they can’t fundraise,” warns Paul Lawton, CEO of Rubicon-CSR.

Value for Charities

Paul is employing the experience of his 5-year old sister company, Chat Heroes, to assist Rubicon-CSR to provide a lifeline to charities.

Rubicon-CSR is the world’s first not-for-profit, self-funding, Digital Donations Generation Programme* using multi-channel, online engagement platforms, for charitable giving.

“People can use these platforms to securely donate to charities, without us taking 5% of their money, like most other platforms do

Paul Lawton, Rubicon-CSR

“In fact, bar a 50 pence admin fee that is often paid for by the donor, Rubicon-CSR doesn’t charge the charities anything,” continues Paul.

Instead, Paul and his team work closely with charities’ CSR partners to fund the programme.

“Business sponsors can fund the programme on behalf of their chosen charities,” explains Paul. “By applying a unique methodology developed by Rubicon-CSR, these business sponsors can, if they wish, also ethically promote their own business to gain a profitable return on their CSR investment.”

“This can enable the initial sponsorship to perpetually self-fund the chosen charity’s Rubicon-CSR programme, maintaining essential help for those who most need it with great PR stories for the sponsor company”.

“Aside from merely helping to raise funding and donations, Rubicon-CSR will also be able to assist with recruiting volunteers and provide a UK-based customer service team”

Paul Lawton, Rubicon-CSR

“We have had a great response to date and will be working with the charity and CSR-orientated business sectors directly.”

“Given the current climate, charities including Forces Online and Everyone in Health (NHS-related) are the first,” concludes Paul. “But this is only the start, as we plan to expand our digital donations programme as rapidly as possible, to help thousands of charites in conjunction with their CSR Sponsors.”

To discover how you can support the Rubicon-CSR programme, please call Rubicon-CSR on 07772 429359 or visit

*NOTE: The Rubicon-CSR Digital Donations Generation Programme utilises a highly competent team of very experienced ‘live’ contact centre agents based in the UK.

Whilst their greatest value is in helping to raise donations and funding, they also assist with recruiting volunteers and provide a UK-based customer service team for each charity, on both their website and their social media platforms.

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