Can Focusing on Quality Secure You Consistent Success?

Can Focusing on Quality Secure You Consistent Success?

Ensuring the quality of goods and services is essential for any business, but where some are content meeting a certain standard – others continually strive to be the best at what they do.

Whilst focusing on quality feels like a logical solution to running a successful business, it’s not uncommon to find profitable companies that focus on short-term gain, rather than quality.

Of course, putting such an emphasis on quality can cost both time and money, so is it really worth going above and beyond?

Quality is Key

“I believe that high standards can secure a business’ future,” says Ryan Tetley, Managing Director of Magnum Opus.

“From day one, we’ve always said that we have to focus on the quality of our repairs, especially as we compete with the big boys. In time, everything else will follow suit”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus Repairs is a specialist hard-surface repair company, that works with the likes of property developers and housing associations.

Ryan explains that although the service they provide aims to save their clients time and money (it’s often 450% cheaper to repair an item than replace it), they always aim to complete a job to the best possible standard.

Driving Success

“I’ve always said to our technicians that I’d rather they take an extra half hour on a job and make sure it’s perfect than run the risk of being asked to do it again.”

“By continually going above and beyond in the quality of the repairs we complete and the service we provide, we will regularly get repeat contracts and a more secure stream of revenue”

Ryan Tetley, Magnum Opus

It’s this mentality to which Ryan credits the success of Magnum Opus.

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