B-Law Reveals a Key to Fuelling Long-term Commercial Growth

B-Law Reveals a Key to Fuelling Long-term Commercial Growth

When it comes to running a business, it is easy for upper management to become invested with every arm of an operation.

This is especially true for growing SMEs, where the operations become more complicated and, in turn, increasingly hard to handle for smaller teams without losing sight of its long-term goals.

With that in mind, what is the key to ensuring your company’s affairs are in perfect order and finding guidance through times of change, as well achieving specific objectives and commercial success?

Refocus Your Business

“I focus on helping get projects over the line on time, with as little exposure to risk and liability as possible,” says William Blumenthal, Founder of B-Law.

“Having developed a clear understanding, from the inside, of how a business works and what it provides, my advice is commercially, holistically and pragmatically focused”

William Blumenthal, B-Law

As a General Counsel and Legal Business Advisor, William often advises CEOs and Board Members on how to achieve specific commercial goals.

“This can be particularly helpful for a business with a clear expansion plan, but even for businesses that don’t even know where they want to be — let alone how to get there.”

William helps lay the groundwork for strategic growth.

“This may be especially true in times of disruption and uncertainty, such as the current climate, where Brexit and the Covid pandemic are affecting even the best-run operations.”

“As time goes on I tend to develop an understanding for the business and get its goals, aspirations and the ambitions of the C-suite management.”

Planning Ahead

“If the ultimate goal is to sell your business — even if it takes 5-10 years to get there — you need to make sure every aspect of the business is in perfect order,” advises William. “And I don’t just mean organisationally.”

“For example, it is imperative that businesses ensure customer contracts are on the right terms and that they legally own their intellectual property.”

“When it comes to selling, you have to do your due diligence.”

“If you’re working with a General Counsel for a number of years on the underlying contracts and the other material that the lawyers look at, then it makes the due diligence a lot easier. This also underscores the value of a business.”

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