Carri Nicholson Unveils the Key to Improved CEO Wellbeing

Carri Nicholson Unveils the Key to Improved CEO Wellbeing

The impact of COVID-19 has never made employee wellbeing, job satisfaction and retention, and minimising workplace stress more critical to business survival and success.

Its importance to companies means there’s usually plenty of support available to employees. But who is looking out for the C-suite management?

How a CEO Might Really Feel…

Running a successful business is no easy feat and the bigger the business, the more stressful it can be, especially for C-suite executives.

Often, the people running and overseeing the entirety of the business have no one to turn to.

“It’s lonely at the top because when you’re running a business, you have to present as if you are incredibly strong, calm and collected, because everybody looks to you,” says Carri Nicholson, Founder of CAN DO Business Solutions.

“In actual fact, the boss might not be sleeping at night. They may be worrying about hitting revenue targets.

Many CEOs have moments where they want to fall down, run away or just crawl underneath the desk. And they can’t do that”

Carri Nicholson, CAN DO Business Solutions

“It is difficult for CEOs to find unbiased people to talk to, because everyone in the company (and at home) either has a vested interest in the business or don’t understand the difficulties of running one,” explains Carri.

Before founding CAN Do Business Solutions, Carri spent 20 years leading a number of companies across different sectors. Now she devotes her time to helping other CEOs deal with the stress of the job.

Beating the Stress

One of the ways Carri helps business people deal with their stress is by not only acting as a mentor and confidante, but also arranging monthly mastermind groups.

“Mastermind groups bring non-competing and like-minded business leaders together and gives them a confidential and safe space to talk about their biggest problems, with the rest of the group giving both support and their collective wisdom to help solve them,” explains Carri.

“If you either have a mentor or a peer group, you get a very safe set of ears, that actually doesn’t have anything invested in you other than your success”

Carri Nicholson, CAN DO Business Solutions

“Because each of the members comes from a different industry to yours, you feel empowered to talk through the really scary stuff with them,” Carri concludes. “And their different perspectives show you solutions you haven’t even thought about.”

To discover how Carri can help relieve some of your stress or for more information on joining one of the peer groups she runs:

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